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LETTER: Canada geese under attack

Our beloved Canada goose has become a scapegoat and fallen prey to speciesism: prejudice or discrimination based on species. Unfortunately, the recent letters to the editor regarding our geese and how we need to remove them have proven how speciesist we are.

These wonderful birds are being targeted because they are running out of areas to graze, and whose fault is that? We get upset when they poop on our manicured lawn and land in our fields but they are only trying to find food and a place to rest.

I am wondering if we have already caused some serious damage. I haven’t seen a flock of geese in a long time and when I do the V formation seems to get smaller and smaller. Where are all these geese we complain about? I haven’t seen them. I did hear about a dog attacking goslings on their nest at a beach!

Wildlife is going to have an extremely difficult time surviving as our planet warms and our population grows. We need to protect our beloved Canada geese because one day they may be gone.

Katrina Madsen