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LETTER: Cadboro Bay plan disregards tsunami risk

On Monday, Aug. 22, Saanich council will consider a new local area plan for the Cadboro Bay area. It is two years in the making. Will they vote to adopt smaller lots in the Gyro Park area, exactly where tsunami alerts are focused.

This seems unbelievable as it puts new citizens at risk. The proposal is to reduce the current minimum lot sizes of 930 square metres to 780 square metres, all of it below the five metres above sea level contour Saanich Emergency Preparedness views as a prime tsunami zone.

Experts warn of a tsunami event in many recent studies, and a tsunami scare in January 2018 had Saanich emergency personnel going door to door at 3 a.m. in this exact area. The worry was an Alaskan earthquake would trigger a large tsunami. There have been other similar events. How can council put its citizens at risk.

There is an agreement more affordable housing is needed, but this is a mistake, the wrong place and not affordable.

Dwight Waring