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LETTER: Bring Sidney pier up to current standards

Are we to be known as “Condominiums By The Sea” or “Sidney By The Sea”? The lack of clear leadership by the current council certainly doesn’t differentiate.

The pier is iconic. I remember in the ’40s when there was a car ferry from the docks at the foot of Beacon Avenue that ran from Sidney to Steveston near the mouth off the Fraser River. It was a well-used ferry. People came to Sidney for the ferry or to a beautiful seaside town. I’m of the strong opinion that the blue pier should be brought up to current safety standards.

The scare phrase of “rising sea levels and bigger storms” doesn’t seem to be a major worry for the nearby marina. Its great seaward berm seems to cope with whatever we get. Could it be extended to protect the current wharf site? Has it even been thought of?

Can we no longer expect qualified engineers to be able to cope? The last council was seen off because of its pro-development bent. Was this not a clear message that what the local population wants is “Sidney By The Sea.”

William Cross