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LETTER: Bridge to Salt Spring would carry benefits

The letter writer who suggested Salt Spring bridges are a better option to the Malahat has proposed a project that is well worth further consideration. In addition to the benefits cited, there may be more.

Salt Spring Island is faced with a water shortage that is getting more and more serious with every passing day. This constraint has an ever more serious impact on housing, agriculture, and fire protection, to mention only a few considerations. One or more bridges could carry large diameter water pipelines from Vancouver Island to Salt Spring Island, eliminating the shortage.

Bridges would make off-island living possible for people who work (or want to work) on the island: the housing shortage on the island would be ameliorated. Salt Spring Islanders would have better access to health care as well as to all the amenities available in larger population centres.

Perhaps additional bridges could link Salt Spring Island to Galiano Island, where a new ferry terminal could be built. Additional short (and highly subsidized) ferry routes could be eliminated and a major ferry route (Tsawwassen to Galiano) could serve both Greater Victoria and the upper Island, with a reduced run time, and no passage through American waters. The cost-of-living on all the linked islands would be reduced.

David King

Oak Bay