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LETTER: Beacon Avenue development raises questions

My immediate response on reading the development application list down for 2180 Beacon Ave. W. was that there was little consideration for the inhabitants of Sidney.

Two hours before reading this ridiculous proposal I spent close to an hour trying to find a parking space in Sidney. I have totally given up the quest for finding a doctor in this community, but it does give the added incentive to keep as healthy as possible.

Moving to Sidney 22 years ago was very positive after experiencing the ruination of West Vancouver. Sidney was a small quaint seaside town with a lot of character and beauty. The populace is on the whole extremely friendly and personal – rather like West Vancouver was in the past.

Developers seem bent on ruining Sidney – I had to move from The Waterfront because of losing my pristine view and gazing at the reflective sun from the new seven-storey hotel plonked on the waterfront. I wonder at various times how it was allowed to develop into a seven-floor rather hideous building.

Thinking about the increasing traffic and what the increase will be like when there is the added traffic from a 141-unit building a few metres from the crossroad of Beacon Avenue and Highway 17. Children making their way to school? How

many Amazon vehicles added to the equation? Also wondering about the sun reflecting from the multitude of windows adjacent to the highway and making it a danger for the drivers.

So, we have a definite scarcity of medical practitioners, a looming scarcity of fresh water, a large increase of sewage, and an increasing traffic and parking problem in Sidney. Are the Eastern Canadian developers aware of the current situation in our small town of Sidney or is their involvement just a desire to make a lot of money from the people who are moving from the east to the west?

Chris Crane