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LETTER: Beach work followed strict guidelines

The Peninsula News Review is vitally important to our community, so it is vitally important that local media presents both sides of stories.

Property Responsibility on the Waterfront (PROW) was disappointed the story in the Aug. 4 edition headed, “North Saanich residents dismayed at condition of favorite beach” presented the views of only those in opposition. Many residents support the project. The homeowner has invested several years in navigating the regulations imposed by three orders of government because severe erosion is jeopardizing the property.

Far from demonstrating lack of oversight, the project exemplifies North Saanich’s rigorous regulatory regime. All work is conducted under the supervision of both a qualified environmental expert and a certified arborist. Contrary to the statement accompanying the photo, no gravel has been placed on the beach. The photo depicts beach material such as shell crush, which has been stockpiled and will be moved back onto the beach when construction is complete.

As Brian Green, senior planner at the District of North Saanich, stated in an August 2021 email: “… the intention of this project is to prevent further erosion of the property and prevent the existing overhanging mature trees from being undermined by the erosion. The property owner has a legal right to protect his property, provided the District’s guidelines for construction within this Development Permit Area (DPA-1) are met.”

Most of us live in homes that once were muddy excavation sites that no doubt troubled neighbours. This month the Chalet Road washout is being repaired, and photos depict a messy construction site. All building projects go through such phases. In this case, the landscape will be restored in a matter of weeks, and the Norris Beach access will once again be open.

Carolyn Stout, on behalf of

Property Responsibility on the Waterfront