LETTER: B.C. needs to compromise on gas versus electric vehicles

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Unfortunately it looks like B.C. will not be able to stop the pipeline.

However if we keep fighting maybe we can forbid more tanker traffic. A compromise to what the feds and Alberta want could be reached, while meeting the needs of B.C. Perhaps, due to the pipeline, we (B.C.) can buy oil at a lower price.

Yes we need to reduce our oil consumption but we should not try to do it overnight. The NDP has set a date to stop the sale of gas powered cars. I feel that is a bit wrong, how can someone drive from Victoria to Banff on a purely electric car ? Charging stations along the way would be swamped and it might take too long for vacationers to get there and back.

A compromise that could work might be to stop the sale of purely gas powered cars and allow high mileage hybrid/chargeables and purely electric cars for inner city use.

Sean Murray