Ruby coming ‘home’ to Sooke on Thursday

Ruby coming ‘home’ to Sooke on Thursday

Sooke couple rescues dog from Aruba

After a rollercoaster of emotions, Jewel Black and Brian Rundle are finally bringing Ruby the dog home to Sooke.

The couple fell in love with Ruby on their recent trip to Aruba, after Ruby wandered up to their table in search of food.

They spent more and more time with the dog throughout the trip, and when they got back to Canada, realized how much they missed Ruby and decided to go back for her.

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Rundle flew back to Aruba to get Ruby last Friday. He searched high and low for her, and eventually was able to find her.

When he took Ruby to the vet, a microchip was found in her, meaning she belonged to someone else.

“I was so devastated. I felt like I was going to throw up,” said Black. “It felt like knives were going through my heart. I was so upset and felt so defeated. We have overcome so much, and gave everything we could, but this one could not be solved.”

But the couple were determined not to give up. They asked the vet to contact the owners, and Rundle told them the entire story.

“He told the owner how much we love Ruby, and that this news was going to destroy me, and the owner said she has many dogs who come and go as they pleased,” said Black. “She admitted to Brian that they haven’t been very good dog owners.”

Rundle then offered to buy Ruby, and said he would do whatever it takes to bring her home to Canada with him.

The owner said she would think it through, and shortly after, Rundle got a call back, offering to give him Ruby.

“Brian couldn’t believe his ears. She said it sounds like Ruby will have an incredible life with us, that we love her very much,” said Black. “So finally, Ruby is ours.”

Ruby and Rundle are flying home Wednesday, and will arrive back in Victoria this Thursday.