The RCMP are alleging some of its members were assaulted at a Fairy Creek protest camp. (File photo)

The RCMP are alleging some of its members were assaulted at a Fairy Creek protest camp. (File photo)

RCMP say logging protesters assaulted officers at Fairy Creek camp

Protest group says police actions illegal

The RCMP say that a number of its members were assaulted while at a logging protest camp off the Pacific Marine Circle Route on Nov. 29 while conducting a routine safety patrol.

A press release from the RCMP said the officers departed the area and returned the next day to locate and arrest those responsible for the assault.

“On arrival at the protest camp, the officers were met by a hostile crowd, and were not able to locate the individuals who assaulted the officers the day prior,” the release said.

“While conducting their investigation, two other individuals assaulted the officers and were subsequently arrested without incident. They were transported to the Sooke Detachment for processing. One individual refused to identify themselves and is being held in custody to appear in Provincial Court. The second individual has been identified as a 26-year-old man from Nova Scotia, who is known to police. He will be conditionally released with a future court appearance date.”


The release said the search for the other individuals who assaulted police officers on Nov. 29 is ongoing.

“Active and enhanced patrols of the corridor will also continue to ensure the roads remain clear of obstructions, as well as the road checks for motor vehicle infractions in the area,” it said.

The protest group Rainforest Flying Squad said in a statement that was authorized by Pali Jones of the Pacheedaht First Nation that on multiple occasions, the RCMP have trespassed into the camp outside the injunction zone known as Bill Jones’s Rest and Relaxation Camp.


“This camp is authorized by Bill Jones of the Pacheedaht Nation,” the statement said.

“All of these violations have been documented and the ones where Pali Jones and others were assaulted are publicized on Facebook. We have been illegally approached, assaulted, and arrested by the police who have racially targeted, terrorized and criminalized people who are trying to stay safe. They have no reason or excuse to even come here contradicting themselves and changing their ‘excuses’ (allegations) repeatedly.”

Since enforcement began, the RCMP have arrested 1,176 individuals; 110 of whom were previously arrested for a combined total of 261 times.

Of the total arrested, 909 were for breaching the injunction (contempt of court), 221 were for obstruction, 21 were for mischief, 10 were for breaching their release conditions, 12 were for assaulting a police officer, one for counselling to resist arrest, one for causing a disturbance, and one under the Immigration Act.

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