Police: remember booze and beaches don’t mix

Police: remember booze and beaches don’t mix

Officers expected to be watching for public consumption of alcohol

Hot summer beaches and cool summer beverages might seem made for each other.

But don’t be mixing the two in public places.

Island police officers poured and pulled several pints this weekend on Island beaches and expect to be doing the same throughout the long weekend.

As Saturday dawned warm and sunny, Oak Bay Police Department was busy doing what officers across the region do.

“Willows Beach attracts people from all over and, as locals know, it can get very busy in the summer,” said Deputy Chief Ray Bernoties. “We conduct foot patrols on a regular basis to ensure it remains safe for everyone.”

On May 12, officers spotted several groups of people with open liquor which meant seizures. The fine is $230 and the loss of your liquor.

While officers remind beach-goers to leave the liquor at home, taking their time to get there is also a concern.

“We’d also ask drivers to use extra caution as there are many cyclists and pedestrians including children in the area,” Bernoties said. “Speeding to the beach to relax and then speeding away afterward doesn’t make sense.”



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