An overwhelming amount of household waste appeared in and around municipal trash cans in 2020. (Courtesy District of Oak Bay)

An overwhelming amount of household waste appeared in and around municipal trash cans in 2020. (Courtesy District of Oak Bay)

Oak Bay prioritizes dog park, trash for further investigation in 2022

10 new priority projects set to start in Oak Bay

An off-leash dog park and expanded garbage services in community spaces will appear in budget discussions early next year, as council reviewed its priorities during a Nov. 22 meeting.

Council approved 10 new priority projects that include finding a software that works appropriately with the district’s asset management program; prepare a community energy plan; operationalize deer management; enhance washroom cleaning and garbage pickup and graffiti removal; build First Nations relations; identify how to increase capital output; establish an expanded active transportation program; define a scope of work for a natural assets and infrastructure approach to the storm water master plan; assess tools to regulate and permit sidewalk patios; and consult on Spewhung (Turkey Head) design.

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All 10 are identified as falling under council’s 2019-22 priorities, which are:

– ensure access to diverse housing options within the built environment by reviewing and planning for community needs while reflecting Oak Bay’s unique character;

– achieve sustainable service by integrating an asset management program within a long-term financial plan;

– provide service excellence by optimizing operand effectiveness and fostering public engagement;

– enhance and promote quality of life and sense of place by stewarding the community’s history, landscape, culture and amenities within the context of the south Island, and,

– demonstrate leadership in fostering community health and resilience by committing to economic environmental and social sustainability within the district’s operations and decision-making.

Council tasked staff with looking at time and cost implications of adding two projects, to seek a temporary off-leash dog park and to expand garbage options in community spaces.

Coun. Andrew Appleton voiced what many at the council table in Oak Bay and across the region have said in recent months. With the federal government clamping down on off-leash dogs in the Greater Victoria Harbour Bird Sanctuary and the closure of a space at the University of Victoria used for years as a dog park, pet owners are lacking in off-leash options.

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While residents enjoy parks in the community, council plans to look at expanding disposal options, adding recycling to the menu in a bid to reduce items going to the landfill.

The task is more complex than just adding a recycling option to the trash receptacles, staff noted. As not all people are responsible separating items in trash or recycling, it would require staff time to sort the material.

Find the full report on the Nov. 22 meeting agenda at


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