This cougar was spotted in a backyard on Steelhead Rd. at the end of January.

This cougar was spotted in a backyard on Steelhead Rd. at the end of January.

No new reports of Campbell River backyard cougar

Conservation office says earlier behaviour of concern

Conservation officer Steve Petrovic is hoping a cougar, spotted late last month in a Campbell River backyard has moved on.

There have been no reports about a cougar in the area for about two weeks he said, though the Steelhead Rd neighbourhood is close to a fairly significant green space.

“It would certainly afford an animal an opportunity to retreat into forest cover and at times pop out while engaged in hunting activities,” he said.

A family, who lives on Steelhead Rd., took a video of the cougar passing through their backyard around lunchtime one day last month.

Petrovic described the cougars behaviours as “undesirable.”

“If this cat is in fact the same cougar that has been frequenting the neighbourhood that has unfortunately elected to target pets, move around the are during the day, not really have any fear of humans, that type of cougar would not normally be considered a relocation candidate,” he said.

With the North Island having some of the highest cougar densities in North America, Petrovic said, he believes that education is key. Know what to do if you run into a cougar and report cougar sightings as soon as possible.

“The siting reports are valuable,” he said. “It will provide a good indication as to whether or not the cat is still frequenting the are or whether it has moved on.”

To report a cougar siting call 1-877-952-7277. Find more information about how to react if you encounter a cougar here.