People enjoy the sunshine and the low tide at Ladysmith’s Transfer Beach. Mike Gregory/Ladysmith Chronicle

People enjoy the sunshine and the low tide at Ladysmith’s Transfer Beach. Mike Gregory/Ladysmith Chronicle

More heat for Vancouver Island

Tuesday and Wednesday highs expected to remain in the 30s

Sunny, clear and 34 C in Courtenay, Port Alberni and North Cowichan.

33 C in Nanaimo and 30 C in Victoria.

While the folks in Tofino enjoyed sunny skies and temperatures of 20 C Monday, the eastern half of Vancouver Island was sweating under a heat wave.

Today and tomorrow are expected to be much like yesterday, before it starts to cool Thursday, with a chance of showers in many parts of the Island on Friday.

As many head to the beaches or huddle in their air-conditioned offices, officials are taking care to ensure the vulnerable are safe in the heat.

“This year it came early,” said Wes Hewitt of the Port Alberni Shelter Society.

Hewitt said Shelter Society outreach providers are prepared for the hot water with pallets of water bottles.

“We make sure that our clients are staying hydrated,” he said. “If somebody needs water…we generally have bottled water at any of our sites. People are always welcome to come in.” This includes the Shelter site on Eighth Ave, the Sobering Center on Fifth Avenue and the Shelter Outreach Centre on the corner of Bute St. and Third Ave.

The weather at this time of year, said Hewitt, can be especially hard on seniors.

“The ones we really have to worry about are our seniors,” he said. “If any of your family, friends or neighbours are seniors, make sure that they’re getting water and that people are checking on them.”

With rising temperatures, wildfire danger is also rising. Alberni Valley fire departments are reminding people that open fires are prohibited without a permit in the Coastal Fire Region, despite a rainy start to June. Campfire bans were not in effect yet as of Tuesday morning.

Beaver Creek Volunteer firefighters had to put out a brush fire on June 17 when a resident on Beaver Creek Road mistakenly started a backyard burn, unaware that a restriction was in place. “People really need to be aware,” said Beaver Creek Fire Department Deputy Chief Mike Kobus. “Just because we get a little rain doesn’t mean anything.”

The weekend is expected to dial the scorch back to the mid 20s, while the skies should be clear for an idyllic Island weekend.