(Twitter Sgt Rob Smith)

(Twitter Sgt Rob Smith)

Major house fire overnight in Oak Bay now extinguished

One firefighter was taken to hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation

A major house fire that blazed in Oak Bay overnight is now out.

The Oak Bay, Saanich, and Victoria Fire Departments tackled the fire at 57 Beach Drive for four hours from around 10:30 p.m. to just after 2 a.m. More than 20 crew members helped fight the blaze.

“It was ripping,” said Gordon Marshall, Oak Bay Assistant Fire Chief. “Through the whole upper floors from one side of the house to the other and out the roof.”

One firefighter was taken to hospital for treatment of smoke inhalation.

Another fire in 2013 had previously gutted the house, further complicating matters after leaving the boarded up building structurally unsafe.

Beach Drive had been closed to traffic between Mountjoy and Falkland while the fire was still underway, but has since reopened.

Oak Bay Police Sgt. Rob Smith says no one was believed to have been inside at the time of the blaze.

One member of the Oak Bay Fire Department remains at the scene on fire watch.

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