How about Cowadunca, dude?

How about Cowadunca, dude?

Unscientific poll on the name of an amalgamated Duncan/North Cowichan yields interesting results

What’s in a name?

The Cowichan Valley Citizen asked you to suggest one to have the chance to win tickets to Chemainus Theatre Festival’s show Kim’s Convenience.

Residents of Duncan and North Cowichan will have their say on amalgamation of the two municipalities on June 23 when a referendum on the question will be held.

It’s too early to predict which way the vote will go, but what if the two municipalities become one? What will the new municipality be called? North Cowichan-Duncan? Too long! North Cowichan? Duncan?

Many of you weighed in with your thoughts. Some of your suggestions included Cowichan, Duncan, Alderlea, and Warmland.

“We are the Cowichan Valley so I vote just Cowichan — that is if the amalgamation passes,” said Lisa Horvath.

“How about just Duncan. I live in North Cowichan but I have always just said Duncan when asked where I live,” said Sara Clark.

“To be inclusive of all the areas, it could be named the Cowichan Valley or Cowichan,” said Diana Butcher.

Still others declined to suggest a name, saying the whole thing is a bad idea.

“How about not amalgamating. Read the report. Taxes in NC will go up and Duncan down….,” said Ron Waller.

Others thought the question jumped the gun.

“To answer the question implies that reunification will go ahead — very premature to think it will,” responded Ian Milne.

Some suggested various mash-ups of the two municipalities’ current monikers such as Cowadunca, Cowdun and Duncichan.

There were lots of suggestions, both serious and tongue in cheek.

Our winner of tickets to Kim’s Convenience, chosen at random, is Laurel Walton. Her suggested name? Cowichan Crossing.


How about Cowadunca, dude?