The body of 82-year-old Gladys Barman was found on Aug. 1, 2018 after approximately four weeks of search. (Submitted photo)

The body of 82-year-old Gladys Barman was found on Aug. 1, 2018 after approximately four weeks of search. (Submitted photo)

Family of Oak Bay senior donate reams of yarn to Monterey Recreation Centre

Death of Gladys Barman affected everyone

The memory of 82-year-old Gladys Barman, whose body was found on Aug. 1 after approximately four weeks of search, remains alive and well at Oak Bay’s Monterey Recreation Centre, where she was a member of for several years.

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Earlier this week, her family donated Gladys’ large collection of yarn and wool.

“There were about six or seven boxes, and not just bits and pieces. There were packages of wool and yarn,” said Gail Hughes, president of the Monterey Recreation Activities Association. “Because of this donation our Craft Carnival members will be able to knit sweaters, socks, mittens and hats.” Proceeds from the sale of the items support activities at the centre.

Gladys Barman’s son, Neil Barman, told Oak Bay News that the decision the supplies to the Monterey Recreation Centre was easy given that his mother enjoyed spending time there.

“I’m sure she would’ve done it herself if she was still around,” he said. “That was one of her spots; people out there knew her.”

Neil’s wife Kerrie Smart said the family has received support from members of the centre, including personal cards.

“The community in general has been fantastic, but [Monterey Recreation Centre members] were specially good,” Neil said.

According to Marjorie Grant, a Monterey Recreation Centre volunteer who had known Gladys for about 14 years, members of the centre pulled together to help with her search.

“Everybody was using the Internet to put her picture out and share the story. I had everyone of my friends watching for her car; everybody was looking for Gladys,” she said. “To lose somebody and not know where they are for such a long period of time was heartbreaking.”

Any time the centre loses someone it affects the entire community, according to Douglas Clarke, Monterey Recreation Centre’s head of reception.

”We’re a large community of committed people, and so when Gladys was missing it was extremely stressful for the community,” he said. “Everybody always wanted an update when there was nothing we could give them. They came to us expecting that we would know something, and unfortunately in that case there was nothing to know.”

“We miss her.”

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