The city of Parksville conducted a public engagement survey from May 7 to June 8. (NEWS file photo)

The city of Parksville conducted a public engagement survey from May 7 to June 8. (NEWS file photo)

COVID-19: Parksville releases data on public engagement

Total of 93 per cent follow pandemic news on a regular basis

The City of Parksville has released data from a survey on public engagement.

From May 7 to June 8, they conducted a survey to collect resident feedback on public engagement about city projects and programs due to not being able to meet in person due to COVID-19.

Of the 305 surveys completed (268 Parksville residents), the responses showed:

• 77% indicated an interest in the city engaging on projects and initiatives not related to COVID-19.

• 31% are comfortable with online tools for public engagement and 37% are still learning and becoming comfortable with available tools.

• 93% follow news about COVID-19 every day or almost every day.

• Preferred method to receive info about the pandemic is daily announcements by public health leaders (59%), local/national news outlets (55%), social media (43%), online newsfeeds (40%) and directly from public health agencies (39%).

• Information about COVID-19 that respondents wish to receive includes current info on restrictions and guidelines to stay safe (57%) and what to do should someone in household show signs of the virus (24%) while 39% indicated they already receive sufficient information.

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“Listening to provincial and federal health officers, it has become clear that working and meeting virtually while maintaining physical distance will be our new normal for some time as we move the business of the city forward,” read a city statement. “We continue to adjust to doing business during the pandemic and will continue to explore how we can conduct meaningful public engagement, being respectful of COVID-19 restrictions and the safety of our residents and staff.”

– NEWS staff, submitted

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