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Coffee shop keeps on brewing

Community rallies to save Stick in the Mud
Stick in the Mud regulars Jim Meunier, left, Wendy O’Connor, and Bernie Klassen have formed a co-operative to keep the popular coffeee shop and gathering place open. (Rick Stiebel - Sooke News Mirror)

Efforts to turn the Stick in the Mud into a co-op continue to brew in Sooke.

Wendy O’Connor, president of the Sooke Community Investment Co-operative, said they had received more than $59,000 in funds to purchase the coffee shop/cafe and have another $46,000 in pledges.

“David Evans, The Stick in the Mud’s owner, has accepted the Sooke Community Investment Co-operative’s letter of intent to purchase the Stick. We’re in the middle of doing due diligence on the business, the space and equipment before we finalize our purchase,” said O’Connor, one of the three people who spearheaded the initiative to save the popular coffee shop and local gathering place in early July. “It’s not a done deal but we’re close.

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Cafe Vosino has been chosen as the new name.

The board is meeting with lawyers and hopes to have everything in place by mid-August to complete the cleaning and retaining of staff to open by the end of August.

The board has just announced the hiring of Nathan Tenney toward that end.

“He’s currently with Wild Mountain, and his experience is going to help us with the transition from sole proprietor to co-operative,” O’Connor said.

“We still need more funds to make this happen. If you have made a pledge for an investment share or membership and have not yet completed the transaction, we ask that you do so before mid-August

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