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Cat found abandoned, surrounded by feces in Lower Mainland apartment

BCSPCA says there is an ongoing investigation now

A cat, surrounded by “piles of feces, vomit stains and dried puddles of urine,” was found abandoned in a Lower Mainland apartment recently and the BCSPA is looking for donations.

An emergency alert from BCSPCA Friday (Oct. 27) says an animal protection officer was recently confronted with the “heart-wrenching scene of neglect” when seeing the ginger Persian cat, now named Danny.

“The cat’s eyes were dull and lifeless from days without food or water. He didn’t even have the energy to follow as his rescuers entered the apartment. He’d exhausted every ounce of strength meowing at the door, hoping someone would hear,” reads the posting.

BCSPCA says Danny had been fighting for his survival in the darkness of the apartment. The toilet bowl was dry, along with empty cat food containers. The officer found several clumps of matted, oranged fur mixed in with feces around the apartment.

“The piles of feces suggest he was alone for more than 10 days. With his litterbox overflowing Danny had been using the bathtub to preserve some of his dignity.”

Danny was severely dehydrated and needed to be stabilized at the veterinarian hospital overnight. He had to be sedated during a grooming session while a team shaved away the matted fur that had been pinching the skin across his body.

BCSPCA the matted fur removed from his body was almost half his mass in size.

He has since been put on a re-feeding plan as he had been surviving off very little food.

“As he has begun to feel more like the cat he really is, Danny has started to reveal his adorable personality. He’s become a big love-bug, relishing snuggles with those who care for him and treats whenever they’re on offer.”

There is currently an ongoing investigation involving Danny and the BCSPCA is unable to provide any further details.

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