All three SD 71 high schools are closed for the day. Photo by Scott Strasser.

All three SD 71 high schools are closed for the day. Photo by Scott Strasser.

BREAKING: All three Comox Valley high schools shut down for the day

Shutdown comes on the advice of Comox Valley RCMP

All three high schools in School District 71 will be closed for the day, Thursday, Jan. 25, on the advice of RCMP.

A statement posted to the SD71 website reads as follows:

“Mark R. Isfeld, G.P. Vanier and Highland Secondary will be closed today. School District 71 received notification early this morning from the RCMP that there were indications one of our secondary schools is not safe.

We continue to work closely with the RCMP to investigate the situation and, from our findings, it has been determined to close the three high schools. This decision was made based on a thorough investigation with the RCMP and with District

staff. The safety of our students and staff, and the safety of parents and families comes first. Whenever there is any evidence that indicate otherwise, we will act fast and make decision quickly to ensure no one is put in harms way.

At this time, we cannot provide information pertaining to the danger or the hazard that was discovered by the RCMP. That matter is in the hands of the RCMP and will be dealt with through proper investigative procedures.

What we can tell you is that the system in place, the system that led the RCMP to their findings and then to swiftly and efficiently notify School District 71 is very effective. It is because of this close working relationship and the efficacy by which our reporting system operates, that allowed us to act promptly and make decisions.”

The Comox Valley Record will continue to update this story as information becomes available.