Psychic Reading Online: Top 5 Best Online Psychic Readers Of 2022

It took a long time for psychics to make their way onto the Internet, but once they did, it was a revolution.

Even a few years ago, almost everyone recommended speaking with a psychic over the phone rather than consulting with one online. It changed, however, after the skilled teams began putting up everything online to ensure that the consumers seeking their service were satisfied.

Scams abound online these days, especially in the realm of live psychic readings. Psychic abilities were once frowned upon, and psychics were not as famous as they are now. You may now find live psychic reading sites all over the Internet.

What Do Psychics Do?

Psychics are talented persons who can see beyond what a typical person can see. They have a unique sense that allows them to perceive information more than the regular person.

Psychic readings usually entail a psychic understanding of your visions or concerns via a medium or using their expertise and vision sensors. Psychics understand things through symbols or dreams during readings. They can offer spiritual guidance to those unsure about their choices. After speaking with a psychic and receiving guidance pertaining to their careers or purpose, many people discover meaning in life.

A psychic reading can provide valuable insight into your professional or personal life. Are internet psychic readers , however, genuine?

That’s what our evaluation of the finest online reading sites will cover.

So, let’s get started!

Psychics Platform



  • Psychics’ profiles are unlocked, allowing you to see their previous accomplishments, experience, and present status.
  • First 3 Minutes are Free and 75% discount applied
  • Authentic psychic readings.
  • Best deals and discounts.
  • The convenience of approaching psychics through various mediums.

Psychic Source

  • A detailed list of all readers with their specialization.
  • Complete guarantee of anonymity.
  • A wide range of psychic options.
  • Extremely varied price ranges with some too high.


  • A well-established and renowned corporation that has been operating for over 29 years.
  • Numerous psychic readings are available.
  • You won’t be able to meet your psychic in person; instead, you’ll communicate with them via video chat or phone calls.
  • Keen offers new members the first 10 minutes at $1.99 only.

California Psychics

  • Complete money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers.
  • Karma rewards offer free Psychic reading sessions.
  • Authentic and genuine psychics who have undergone a vetting process.
  • No video call option is available.


  • The blog section offers helpful articles.
  • Availability of multiple filters.
  • Seek answers from an insightful community.
  • A mobile app is unavailable.

#1. Kasamba : Most Accurate and Diverse Psychic Sessions


Many people go online to find out what the future holds for their relationships, love lives, and career prospects. They all come to Kasamba to ask pertinent questions about their careers, love lives, prior family members, and so on.

Kasamba, however, is more than just a love-reading app.

If you follow the helpful recommendations, it’s an app that can alter your life for the better.

Many psychics are educated experts who know how to approach each person and guide anyone seeking answers.

Kasamba is a well-known corporation with a reputation for being sincere. It isn’t a site that takes your money and gives you nothing in return.

You might have been to psychics that encouraged you to invest a particular amount of money on some websites or subscribe to begin receiving answers to your questions; it is not the situation at Kasamba.

You can look through psychic profiles and decide to test them out. This choice allows you a lot of room in choosing the ideal psychic for your specific situation.

Getting Started With Kasamba

Signing up is simple, and you’ll only be required to supply the information you need. Once you are in, the number of psychics available will astound you. You will undoubtedly find someone who can assist you with your profession, relationships, and life in general.

Many psychics will be willing to help you with any inquiry you may have or any problem that might be troubling you. Everything is kept private, and you can trust that a good psychic will assist you in finding a suitable solution to your situation.

The Kasamba app intends to assist each individual on a one-to-one basis.

The Kasamba App

The Kasamba app won’t be a life guide, but it can show you how to make life easier for yourself. Likewise, the appropriate psychic may assist you in better understanding life, which is a significant benefit.

They will present you with the issue from a unique viewpoint with the Kasamba app, which will provide you with greater insight into a particular circumstance.

You might be having problems with your finances or your marriage. A psychic can assist you in better understanding the problem. A psychic can also help you with problems you’re having with your friends or business colleagues or if you need to communicate with someone on the other side.


By now, you’ve probably figured out that there’s a method to get free guidance via our reader bonus link.

Should you sign up for our free newsletter, you shall receive three free readings with any psychic on tampabay.com . Also, you get entitled to several free spiritual courses and publications.

If you locate a psychic medium with whom you have a strong connection, you must pay for every chat minute.

You’ll be asked for your credit or debit card information, as well as your PayPal account details, once you sign in. If you spend $1.99 to $5 a minute, you can utilize the Kasamba app.

The fee can go up to $5 per minute if you choose someone with a good reputation, but it all relies on your budgeted amount.

Kasambas medium pros prepare to save you money and time by giving you valuable insight.

The app has been on the market for far too long, and it completes the path of tarot, psychic, and medium readings, which are essential for this type of service.

The Kasamba app’s advantages and disadvantages remind us that no psychic reading website is perfect. For instance, too many options and features may seem confusing. Therefore, we must depend on those that provide exceptional transparency and reading possibilities.

There’s always the possibility of picking a psychic medium that isn’t suited for you, or worse, one who isn’t serious.

Visit Kasamba Psychics Official Website

#2. Psychic Source : Trustworthy Predictions with Accurate Psychics


Psychic Source is an online psychic business that has been around for a long time. You can feel confident in picking this site for your psychic requirements; they have about three decades of experience and a commitment to customer experience that is second to none.

Believe it or not, many psychic networks do not verify the psychics’ abilities before allowing them to take calls! It is how a lot of psychic frauds take place.

However, Psychic Source conducts extensive interviews and testing to weed out potential con artists. It ensures that only the most talented psychics get hired.

This verification process distinguishes Psychic Source from the competition. They pride themselves on having compassionate, knowledgeable psychic advisors that are sincerely interested in assisting you.

The Psychic Source website is incredibly user-friendly; you will never be left hanging or oblivious about which psychic is a good match.

Psychics Working With Psychic Source

Every psychic at Psychic Source is skilled in diverse areas and can provide you with insight in multiple ways.

Psychic Source stands out because it can provide authentic psychic readings at some of the most affordable prices accessible online.

As a result, many of the world’s most skilled psychics consider Psychic Source to be an excellent fit for their abilities and services. Several of them are specialists, and some of them only work for Psychic Source.

Top Attractions From Psychic Source

At Psychic Source, you can communicate with your psychic in various ways. You can talk with a psychic over the phone or even have a live session on video with certain psychics!

Many of the advisors have been with Psychic Source for as long as it has been in business. That is, they have been doing it for over 29 years, and some have been doing it even longer!

They offer a variety of psychic readings from knowledgeable consultants. These psychics are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, empathic, and can speak with spiritual healers and angels, read your past lives, and much more. They provide far more than standard tarot readings; they do, however, have those!

They have a blogs section that is both educational and encouraging, and some of the psychic advisors author it. So, before you ever have a reading with them, you may get a gist of their insight and abilities through these blogs.

At Psychic Source, you have complete control over your spending and get only billed for the time you spend speaking with an advisor; there are no hidden costs. They stand firm in their belief to be transparent to their clients!

They have a special deal for new customers that starts at $1 per minute!

Customer service is available any time of the day, any day. It is in stark contrast to other websites, where it can be difficult to contact anyone in charge if you have a problem!


Readings on Psychic Source usually cost between $0.66 to $3.95 per minute. The cost of a psychic reading varies depending on the psychic you pick and the manner of reading: phone, online chat, or online video. Before signing up for a session, Psychic Source guarantees that you know the psychic’s rate.

For regular users, the site also offers price protection. You can pay the original price for later sessions by engaging in at least one session with a particular psychic every 30 days. Note that for clients enrolled in the membership rewards program, the timeline is 45 days.

Psychic Source also features a fantastic welcome bonus. New users receive three free minutes and a rate of $1 per minute for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. It is an excellent approach for newcomers to begin establishing a relationship with the website readers. The price protection, though, does not apply to the initial deal. Members who sign up for membership rewards may be eligible for bonus cash based on the number of reads or total talk time they receive every month.

Visit Psychic Source Official Website

#3. Keen Psychics – Best Readings Via Phone or Chat


In a saturated market, Keen is one of the most remarkable online psychic reading platforms. They conduct online psychic readings in the same manner as in-person readings.

While some people may find readings by email, live chat, phone, or video call to be less successful, others like the simplicity and comfort of these methods. Psychics are available on this site whenever you are comfortable. You can use a computer browser or a mobile app to acquire the information you are seeking.

Take your time looking through the psychics and readings offered before deciding. Also, you do not have to be a big techie to set up an account with Keen.

Afterward, all you have to do is fund your account, and you can begin your online reading. When you finish, the cost of your session is withdrawn from your account automatically.

Keen does not store any information about its customers. You can rest assured that any information you provide to Keen will be kept private.

You have many options with Keen, whether a quick, user-friendly website or an intuitive mobile app.

One of the good things about Keen is that new clients get a free 3-minute reading. Besides, they will not bill you without your approval or consent. Conversely, Keen will provide a refund if you are displeased with their sessions. To do so, send them an email, and they will contact you if you are qualified for a refund within three days.

Another benefit of this psychic network is that their psychics are available whenever you need them. If you are from another country and wish to communicate with Keen psychics, you should not be concerned because you may do so at any time.

Next, let’s quickly go over the main benefits and drawbacks of Keen psychics.


  • Prominent and well-known online psychics
  • A large number of user reviews are available
  • Obtain readings from a variety of communication platforms
  • All psychics get vetted thoroughly
  • Customer support is excellent and prompt


  • The quality of psychic biographies varies
  • Refunds are subject to restrictions

Communicating With The Psychics In Different Ways

Conventional psychics may compel you to visit their offices or locations. But, with online psychic dominance, you can reach out and communicate with them via several simple methods.

Keen offers a variety of communication options, including online chat, phone conversations, and email sessions.

Unfortunately, unlike others, it does not support video or webcam conversation. But the quality of the psychic reading you receive is doubtlessly more significant.

Reliability Of Keen

Even in the best of conditions, finding a genuine psychic is difficult. It’s much more difficult to tell if you’ll be duped or receive an informed reading while looking for an online psychic. Whatever you’re doing on the internet, you should always use caution.

Only genuine psychics make it onto Keen, thanks to a rigorous screening process. So, you’re off to a great start right away.

We focused on user feedback across multiple platforms and found that most of them were positive.

On their website, you can get a good idea of what others think. You can find more than 13,000 reviews here. Take as much time as you need to understand how others reacted to the psychic service you’re looking for using Keen.

You’re getting a terrific overall package with an industry-leading online psychic service because the website loads itself with helpful and non-sales material.

Keen’s Psychic Biographies

Biographies are available for all Keen psychics. The only major issue is that the quality of these products varies greatly.

It can be challenging to read at times as a user; yet, it contributes to genuineness. After all, if you read page after page of flawlessly composed biographies, it might make you wonder whether actual customers wrote those testimonials.

The following are some of the other items you may view and learn about on the profile:

  • The psychic ability
  • The overall number of reviews and their average star review
  • Their number of readings
  • Their relationship as consultants in Keen
  • The minute rate
  • If they offer multiple reading options, including phone reading, chat reading, and email reading or not
  • The psychic’s history
  • The languages and the specialties that the psychic possesses
  • Reading techniques and psychic abilities
  • The psychic’s perspective on a subject

The Keen Psychics Screening Process

While some psychic sites accept anyone who claims to be a psychic or has exceptional talents without going through a thorough screening process, Keen isn’t one of them.

The site has improved its psychic selection procedure to sift out such psychic con artists.

Even though the screening is not as rigorous as other psychic systems, it is comforting to know its approach.

Nonetheless, the site is home to a variety of psychics with various types of psychic talents. The reviews on their page will tell you if you can trust them.

Can you put your faith in Keen’s psychics? If you consider all of the data gathered and given, the simple truth is that Keen is one of those psychic networks you can trust. The advisors or psychics have a wealth of knowledge and have provided psychic readings for a long time.

Visit Keen Psychics Official Website

#4. California Psychics : Know What’s In Store For You


California Psychics got initiated in 1995 and now boasts a network of over 300 psychics who offer readings on love, relationships, money, career, past lives, deceased loved ones, and more.

As one of the oldest psychic agencies, California Psychics guarantees a broad pool of psychics and a satisfaction guarantee. Members can also earn points toward a free reading through the unique karma rewards program.

With an extensive database of the most genuine and skilled psychic counselors from around the world, anyone can seek insightful guidance at any moment.

Because of the variety of this psychic site, all clients have the option of speaking with whoever they are most comfortable with. Even though some people have had negative experiences with their services, California Psychics readings are still genuine.

Getting Started With California Psychics

Although competent enough, California Psychics only offers phone readings.

As the initial step, go to their website and go through the many psychics they have accessible. You may see details about each psychic, including:

  • Charges
  • A brief description explaining their competence
  • The number of people they have helped
  • How long they have been a member of California Psychics
  • They cover the most significant issues. It can involve a piece of knowledge about the well-being of the family, loved ones who have passed away, prior lifetimes, and so on.
  • Status of a phone call (whether or not they can help you presently)
  • How long is it before it is your turn

You can view a psychic’s complete description if they appear to be competent in affairs that concern you. You can find information like this in these sections:

  • Their key job responsibilities. They could be good at analyzing your dreams, why you had a particular vision and more.
  • The tools they employ to give you a meaningful session, such as cards, amongst others
  • Style of reading (to the point, empathetic, and more)
  • An idea of how you should go about your problems during the session
  • Actual client comments from California Psychics

Screening Process

It’s relevant to note that the readers/ advisors go through a tremendously stringent screening. It’s so strict that from about a hundred psychics, not more than two get admitted.

The commitment to protect your privacy is one of the most crucial responsibilities of competent psychics. They will maintain the confidentiality of your conversation with them. They work in the said manner to deliver the most satisfying and reliable results possible.


California Psychics is a relatively low-cost psychic reading service. They have some excellent introductory discounts for potential subscribers. The most popular bundle is $1 per minute, the recommended package costs $2, and the premium plan costs $4.

California Psychics ensures that their customers’ privacy is protected with a statement claiming to preserve all client information.

California Psychics is definitely worth the investment, particularly considering the promotional deals for new consumers. Their knowledgeable psychics offer a professional, courteous, and confidential service at a fair cost.

Visit California Psychics Official Website

#5. Mysticsense – The Go-To Source for Love Readings at Fantastic Prices


Based on the answers you’re looking for, you can choose from various psychic readings at Mysticsense. You can filter by specialty, topic and experience, tools, and reading style by drilling down into multiple categories.

There are several areas of expertise in psychics. Some specialize in fortune-telling, while others are good at advising for your love life. So, if you’re searching for a brilliant psychic that offers various specializations, this is a perfect place to start.

Mysticsense can help you with forecasts for a particular scenario or person in your life, as well as a more profound knowledge of the timing of your decisions.

The creators of the Mysticsense program provide you with a package of psychic reading, from its beginnings to modern, sophisticated tools. It assures that its customers have an enlightening experience.

Psychics On Mysticsense

Mysticsense holds psychics who specialize in various subjects. These psychics may be available online, which you may check on the Mysticsense website. If the psychic you wish to consult is unavailable, you can wait for them or contact someone else dealing with the same issue.

Spirituality, soulmates, energy restoration, and breakups are amongst the specialties covered by the specialists on the Mysticsense platform. Hundreds of psychics are available on the Mysticsense platform at various times.

Some other topics that the Mysticsense platform covers are love, mediumship, career, and perceptive psychics. You can also obtain a rough understanding of how your star sign works by reading a daily horoscope. You might not know but, you may have psychic talents. If that is the case with you, you can even join the Mysticsense platform as a psychic.

Top Benefits Of Mysticsense

  • You can make an informed selection before your first session using the information on the Mysticsense website about different instruments, mediums, and styles of psychic readings.
  • Psychics’ accessibility can be filtered and selected. It will assist you in determining who is online, offline, or otherwise occupied.
  • You may get detailed information on every psychic, including their rate per minute and expertise. It assists you in determining the most excellent fit for you.
  • Other choice filters on the Mysticsense platform might help you comprehend the psychic’s popularity, as well as their tools and reading techniques.
  • The Mysticsense portal signup process is straightforward and only requires a few steps.
  • If you’re looking for clarity or understanding on a specific topic in your life, the platform is for you.
  • On the platform, there are no scare tactics. It will assist you in having a relaxing reading experience. The sessions mainly focus on discovering and modifying your patterns to the unique requirement.


A reading session gets charged per minute. You can also choose your psychic by using the pricing filter option. You can obtain readings for as little as $1 each minute.

The most prominent and top-rated psychics on the Mysticsense platform can charge between $2 and $5 per minute as per their charges.

Your personalized psychic reading sessions are only accessible on Mysticsense’s official website.

The overall judgment on Mysticsense is that it is a reliable psychic reading platform. You can concentrate solely on the psychic consultation without having to worry about costs or validity.

Visit Mystic Sense Official Website

Why Would I Want to See a Psychic?

Psychics get sought for a variety of reasons. The majority of people seek advice on love and relationships. For instance, if you’re single and have been searching for love for a long time, the process can be draining. You’d want some pointers on how to make things work in your favor. Having a spiritually gifted person assess your condition and offer guidance can make you feel more optimistic about your future.

When you’re at a fork in the road, it’s also a good idea to consult a psychic. People will want to know if the decision they are about to make is the right one. Having a second view, particularly from someone who can see things that most people can’t, can help. For example, if you’re thinking of selling your firm, you might want to seek advice on whether it’s a good idea right now.

When people need help moving on, they sometimes turn to psychics for assistance. Events such as a family death or a nasty breakup can be upsetting. And for many people, these events might leave them with a slew of unanswered questions. Contacting a psychic can assist you in making sense of it all.

How should I avoid psychic scams?

If you’re looking for a decent psychic, you should know the trick.

Always study testimonials and listen to comments to prevent scams and fakes. Even now, word of mouth remains one of the most effective marketing techniques.

Request recommendations from friends and family. Lookup internet testimonials from former customers. Make a list of your requirements for a psychic with whom you’d like to work.

Today, many psychics provide phone and chat services. If they start asking a lot of questions during your free trial, be wary! It may be a technique known as cold reading.

Be wary of accusations like curses and other scare tactics! Some con artists say things like “your family members are cursed” or “something horrible will happen to you” to prevent you from canceling appointments.

They may even offer to sell you charms, stones, or oils to help you eliminate the “curse.” Remember that gifted people who care about you want you to be self-sufficient.

Look for a money-back guarantee when investigating psychics online. It shows that they have faith in their abilities.

How do I prepare for a psychic reading?

Prepare yourself before scheduling an appointment with a psychic to get the most out of your time with them. Here are a few pointers to consider.

Keep an open mind

While many individuals believe in psychic readings, others say they are a fraud. Scams occur in nearly every industry, causing individuals to have trust difficulties with almost anything. Even though there are many false psychics in the profession, this does not imply that the entire phenomenon is fake. So, instead of being skeptical, be open to what your psychic has to say.

Decide on the type of reading you want to do.

If you’re receiving a reading for a specific reason, make sure you tell your psychic ahead of time so they can verify if they do the type of reading you want. Psychic readings are available in several ways, and some psychics are better at one aspect than others.

You might ask friends or relatives for recommendations for an excellent psychic. You’d be shocked at how many individuals visit a psychic regularly. You can also use the Internet to discover reputable online psychic readers and avoid becoming a victim of a con. Many internet psychics provide low-cost readings; a $1 psychic reading is prevalent right now. Always double-check the credentials of any psychic you hire to give you a session.

Clear your thoughts

Schedule an arrangement with your psychic after you’ve chosen one and prepared your questions. Decide on a time that works the best for both of you. To ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible before your session, you can practice meditation or yoga. Choosing a day when you are free allows you to rest before the reading and process and accept it afterward.

Using good psychics and mediums will also help to ensure a straightforward flow. Your aura or energy will not be affected, and the psychic will be able to give you an accurate reading.

Make a List

It might be tough to grasp a particular psychic reading immediately. That is why it’s critical to jot down the specifics of the session.

Most of the time, you won’t comprehend the meaning or explanation of your reading, and it may only occur to you later. So, either take notes during reading or record the entire session with your psychic’s consent.

Bottom Line

Your mental health can benefit significantly from psychic readings. Psychics reduce the sense of confusion most people feel by forecasting some aspects of their future, resulting in lower levels of anxiety and sadness. Give it another chance, whether you’re a firm believer or skeptic, and you will notice a difference.

Psychics reading can help you reflect on important aspects, especially if you opt for a reliable online psychic reading website.

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