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Eight-week-old puppies in Greater Victoria for adoption for the ‘Howlidays’

The adorable puppies are on their tour across the paw-vince

The BC Humane Society is unleashing all kinds of joy in Victoria with adorable puppies on their tour across the paw-vince.

The Accent Inns hotel was the fluffy friends’ final destination. Before making it across the ocean, the puppies stopped in Kelowna, Kamloops, and Burnaby.

To help support and promote the BC Humane Society, Accent Inns is hosting the “Howlidays” event. The festive campaign is to encourage people to adopt. The society has 73 puppies in care that are all looking for homes.”

The puppies in Victoria are only eight weeks old and are a mix of “probably shepard-husky,” according to Penny Stone, executive director of the BC Humane Society.

So far, the society has had five adoptions and plenty of applications.

“We haven’t had any time to go over them because we’ve been travelling from place to place, but I imagine all the puppies that we’ve taken to these events will be adopted because of this event,” said Stone. “These will all be available for adoption, and I think they’ll all go. I think within two days every dog that we’ve brought to this event will be gone. It’s just been an amazing thing for us to be able to promote them like this for people to get to see them. We don’t have an actual physical shelter so everybody is in private foster homes. So this way, people can see our animals and see what we have available for adoption.”

Stone stresses that winter is a tough time of year to find a home for the puppies. Already, the BC Humane Society is overloaded with puppies and the executive director said they’re “playing catch up.”

In the wake of recent challenges, including an alarming surge in surrendered animals and overpopulation concerns in remote B.C. regions, the situation has become critical, according to the society.

“This is the most pressing situation we’ve faced in two decades,” Stone said. “With an influx of ‘pandemic pets’ abandoned during the stay-at-home years and an increasing number of unlicensed breeders relinquishing entire litters, fostering is an urgent need to provide these dogs with the care they deserve until permanent homes can be found.”

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Two small puppies are ready to play. (Ella Matte/News Staff)
The puppies are tried and need a nap after playing. (Ella Matte/News Staff)