Mark McGrath

Mark McGrath

Mark Mcgrath turns 50 today

Celebrity birthdays for March 15

  • Mar. 15, 2018 1:30 a.m.

(AP) — Celebrity birthdays for March 15:

Singer Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray is 50.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85.

Singer Mike Love of the Beach Boys is 77.

Singer Dee Snider of Twisted Sister is 63.

Actress Eva Longoria is 43.

Musician of Black Eyed Peas is 43.

Actor Kellan Lutz (The Twilight films) is 33.

Elvis Presley drummer DJ Fontana is 87.

Retired U.S. astronaut Alan L. Bean is 86.

Actor Judd Hirsch is 83.

U.S. evangelist Jimmy Swaggart is 83.

Jazz saxophonist Charles Lloyd is 80.

Bassist Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead is 78.

Singer-keyboardist Sly Stone of Sly and the Family Stone is 75.

Film director David Cronenberg is 75.

Guitarist Howard Scott of War is 72.

Rock guitarist Ry Cooder is 71.

Actor Craig Wasson is 64.

Actress Park Overall (“Empty Nest”) is 61.

Actor Joaquim de Almeida is 61.

Movie director Renny Harlin is 59.

Model Fabio is 57.

Singer Terence Trent D’Arby (a.k.a. Sananda Maitreya) is 56.

Singer Bret Michaels of Poison is 55.

Singer Rockwell is 54.

Actor Chris Bruno (“The Fosters”) is 52.

Actress Kim Raver is 49.

Bassist Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 and of Plus-44 is 46.

NFL head coach Mike Tomlin is 46.

Singer-guitarist Matt Thomas of Parmalee is 44.

DJ Joseph Hahn of Linkin Park is 41.

Rapper Young Buck is 37.

Drummer Jordan Hastings (Alexisonfire) is 36.

Bassist Ethan Mentzer of The Click Five is 35.

Actor Sean Biggerstaff is 35.

Actress Caitlin Wachs is 29.

Singer Alyssa Reid is 25.

Also born on this date (death in parentheses):

In 1767, U.S. President Andrew Jackson. (June 8, 1845)

In 1907, cornettist Jimmy McPartland. (March 13, 1991)

In 1912, blues legend Sam (Lightnin’) Hopkins. (Jan. 30, 1982)

In 1916, trumpeter and big band leader Harry James. (July 5, 1983)

In 1918, Hockey Hall of Fame coach and general manager Punch Imlach. (Dec. 1, 1987)

In 1918, Supreme Court of Canada justice William McIntyre. (June 14, 2009)

In 1927, country singer Carl Smith. (Jan. 16, 2010)

In 1932, record producer Arif Mardin. (June 25, 2006)

In 1936, songwriter Howard Greenfield. (March 4, 1986)

In 1944, musician-songwriter Ralph MacDonald. (Dec. 18, 2011)

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