Granger Taylor loved working with engines. (Submitted)

Granger Taylor loved working with engines. (Submitted)

Documentary reminds of unanswered questions about Duncan man’s disappearance

‘Spaceman’ was the name of the CBC documentary but where, really, did Granger Taylor go in 1980?

So, what did happen to Granger Taylor?

The Duncan man who left a note to his parents saying he was leaving on a space ship has never been found, and many unanswered questions still remain about his life and disappearance.

A documentary, shown Friday, Feb. 8 on CBC TV, re-visited the story, and included many interviews and never-before-seen pictures of Taylor, his family, and his many projects. Everyone who knew him says he was a mechanical genius who was fascinated by extra-terrestrials and space travel, but the program showed that there was much more to him, particularly his ability to help troubled young people, that made his friends super-loyal.

Alibi Entertainment, the Toronto-based firm that made the documentary, entitled Spaceman, for CBC, managed to get many people to relate their remembrances of Taylor, talking about how he enjoyed Bob’s Grill, how he rebuilt a steam engine, and a former warplane almost from nothing.

And, of course, there was a lot of discussion about what he did and what he meant on his last day, Nov. 29, 1980.

He apparently drove to Mt. Prevost, but parts of a truck found later may or may not have come from his. Many friends and family expectantly awaited his return on the anniversary of his departure.

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