EDITORIAL: Social distancing means some sacrifice, please make it

Thank your frontline workers and protect your loved ones, don’t leave home unless you really have to

EDITORIAL: If you feel creative, be creative, if you want chill, chill

Do what you need to get yourself through this period of social distancing

Sending thanks to community workers across Vancouver Island

Many are diligently helping society amidst COVID-19 fears

Editorial: Time to get serious about broom busting

Scotch broom is a scourge for many Vancouver Island communities

  • Mar 20, 2020

EDITORIAL: COVID-19 puts your true character on display

Crisis, as usual, is showing the good and the bad in all of us

  • Mar 19, 2020

EDITORIAL: Communities have a right to know when COVID-19 arrives locally

Island Health should be more forthcoming about where on the Island cases are confirmed

Victoria News Update
ShowBiz Minute: Efron, Gilbert, Box Office
Stranger Things 3 breaks record on Netflix
Mass funerals begin after deadly Sri Lanka attacks

Editorial: Island communities should look into in-pipe power generation

No mega-projects, with mega-budgets needed, just power streams from multiple sources

  • Mar 15, 2020

Editorial: Being intoxicated must not be allowed to stand as a viable defence in criminal cases

Victim has permanent physical damage after an attack by ‘nice guy’ out of control on magic mushrooms

  • Mar 13, 2020

EDITORIAL: Battling trash in the bush is getting harder

Being homeless does not absolve people of having a responsibility to the wider community

  • Mar 9, 2020

Editorial: Back it off the panic button, but treat the coronavirus with respect

Covid-19 is a threat, but it’s not time to run for the hills yet

  • Mar 8, 2020

OPINION: Environmental groups want healthy forests and communities

“We work to mobilize action on some of the most pressing issues facing our society today”

  • Mar 5, 2020

EDITORIAL: B.C. waitlist for kidney transplant exceeds 600

Have you considered becoming a living donor?

  • Mar 4, 2020

Editorial: Soda tax works if healthy choices are affordable

Soft drinks and other sugary beverages will be subject to PST starting July 1

EDITORIAL: Time for an end to blockades

Holding the economy hostage a poor way to achieve reconciliation

  • Feb 28, 2020

EDITORIAL: Opioid crisis numbers still too high

Drop from a year ago not enough, so more needs to be done

Editorial: End vicious cycle of bullying

Pink Shirt Day began 13 years ago, but the anti-bullying message is still relevant today

TIEL’S TALES: Campbell River Food Bank rolling with the punches

Recent string of attempted break-ins, totalled truck don’t dampen staff, volunteers’ spirits

OUR VIEW: Listening is a skill worth mastering

If you cherish good listening, be a good listener. It’s a two-way street

  • Feb 20, 2020

EDITORIAL: Safe water should be a basic right

Not all water users are equal under Capital region policy

  • Feb 19, 2020

Editorial: Anti-panhandling roadway signs a good move

Panhandlers are putting themselves at risk on busy roads

  • Feb 18, 2020