TIEL’S TALES: Campbell River Food Bank rolling with the punches

Recent string of attempted break-ins, totalled truck don’t dampen staff, volunteers’ spirits

OUR VIEW: Listening is a skill worth mastering

If you cherish good listening, be a good listener. It’s a two-way street

  • Feb 20, 2020

EDITORIAL: Safe water should be a basic right

Not all water users are equal under Capital region policy

  • Feb 19, 2020

Editorial: Anti-panhandling roadway signs a good move

Panhandlers are putting themselves at risk on busy roads

  • Feb 18, 2020

EDITORIAL: Protest disruption making more enemies than friends

Right to peaceful protest important, but pipeline protests not having intended effect

  • Feb 15, 2020

Editorial: Flood response good, now for the clean-up

We were impressed with the response from the our local governments and emergency personnel

  • Feb 13, 2020
Victoria News Update
ShowBiz Minute: Efron, Gilbert, Box Office
Stranger Things 3 breaks record on Netflix
Mass funerals begin after deadly Sri Lanka attacks

EDITORIAL: Slow response on Sooke Potholes gate shows misplaced priorities

Premier’s office loses sight on what’s important

  • Feb 12, 2020

OUR VIEW: North Island College upgrade a welcome addition to Campbell River

The official opening of the North Island College’s Campbell River campus expansion…

  • Feb 9, 2020

Editorial: Watercraft towing tubers up Cowichan River an absurd idea

Why is this a bad idea? Where to even begin?

  • Feb 8, 2020

OPINION: It’s time to stop fighting the Trans Mountain Expansion Project

No opposition, no matter how entrenched, can prevent the project from moving forward

Editorial: Affordable housing is no longer affordable

Province needs to reset what affordable means to today’s families

Editorial: Vaccinations not really a choice

Vaccines have eliminated so much suffering, resistance is puzzling

  • Feb 2, 2020

EDITORIAL: It’s about time for action on petty crime

Communities at risk everywhere until there’s harsher punishments

Editorial: Bus connection to ferry terminals good next step

Creating proper transit connections throughout the Island is long overdue

  • Jan 30, 2020

EDITORIAL: Education responds to the future

B.C.’s education system has had a rough ride in the press. In…

  • Jan 28, 2020

Editorial: Have your say on changes to assisted dying law

In June of 2016 Canadians gained the right to physician assisted death — but there were caveats.

  • Jan 25, 2020

Editorial: So, how’s the weather been?

Our preoccupation with the weather isn’t something to be scoffed at, it’s something to be embraced.

  • Jan 23, 2020

Editorial: No need to go ga-ga over the royals

Give them the peace they say they want and minimal cost to the Canadian taxpayer

  • Jan 22, 2020

EDITORIAL: Understanding what assessments mean

Budgets are determined by considering the amount of money a municipal government will need

  • Jan 19, 2020

Editorial: We haven’t done a great job of planning ahead

Going forward, our governments need to do a better job of taking inventory of the public facilities

  • Jan 12, 2020