Dr. Wolf Schamberger with his book, Read My Hips. Photo supplied

Dr. Wolf Schamberger with his book, Read My Hips. Photo supplied

Island doctor who specializes in back issues publishes medical book

Dr. Wolf Schamberger wants you and your back in the proper alignment

A sports medicine doctor with Island roots has published a book about back malalignment, and is coming to the Comox Valley for some workshops.

Dr. Wolf Schamberger’s book, Read My Hips!: Suffering Needless Pelvic, Limb, or Back Pain? Time to Check your Alignment! has been receiving rave reviews from the medical community, as well as sufferers of chronic back pain.

“Every physician, every health worker and every patient would greatly benefit by studying ‘Read My Hips!’,” said Dr. Paul Greenacre, of the McGill University Faculty of Dentistry.

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Shamberger said he wrote the book to raise awareness of the widespread issue.

“Being out of alignment affects 80 per cent of the population,” he says. “It can cause persistent problems involving, in particular, muscles, joints and nerves, but is also capable of having a bad effect on most other systems of our body.

“[I want] to increase the understanding of pelvic malalignment and its far-reaching effects… to allow anyone to carry out some simple self-assessment tests to see if they are out of alignment and, if so, proceed with some self-correction techniques and get started on a treatment program with someone who is qualified to deal with alignment problems.”

The book is a follow-up to his previously published work, The Malalignment Syndrome.

He said this book is written more in “layman’s language” to broaden its readability.

His trip to the Comox Valley is of the whirlwind variety. Due to COVID-19, the workshops had limited availability and are full. Schamberger said he is hoping to stop by the local independent bookstores while he is here to gauge interest in stocking his book. In the meantime, it can be purchased through his website wolfschamberger.com

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