Alan Rudson is fundraising for materials to make wooden toy cars for the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive. (Karl Yu/News Bulletin)

Hobby woodworker fundraising to build cars for Great Nanaimo Toy Drive

Christmas charity campaign launches later this week

A recreational woodworker has embarked on a fundraising drive in the hopes of making money for materials to make toy cars for the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive.

With the assistance of Bear Woods Supply Company, Alan Rudson is seeking donations in order to buy materials to make the toy trucks and cars. He has worked with wood as a hobby for 30 years and came up with the idea thanks to, a woodworker community website.

“I always saw stories about these guys making massive amounts of wood cars and puzzles and small toys for their local charity toy drives and I don’t know, the bug just hit me about three or four weeks ago and I decided, ‘Why not?’ I was in between woodworking projects and it seemed like a good one,” said Rudson.

While electronics and video games seem to be prevalent among children, from what Rudson can gather, there is interest in wooden toys. Upon telling his family, Rudson said “every single person” who had children up to six years old said they thought it would be “awesome.”

“They were dying to have these,” said Rudson. “I think that the little kids are still into them, they seem to be pretty popular. I showed [my] neighbour kids here and they went nuts and [they have] computers and video games and all that … I think these are still a pretty popular item.”

Rudson will use the money to buy 2x4s, wheels and axel pins.

“I was pretty excited when Bear Woods … was willing to put me on their [charitable woodworkers page],” he said. “They commit a $50 gift certificate and then anyone who pledges, it increases the credit that I have there to buy stock.”

Carolyn Iles, Great Nanaimo Toy Drive spokesperson, said the non-profit is pleased with donations.

“We’re always happy to have individuals assisting the toy drive,” said Iles. “It’s great to have toys from many people and places.”

To donate to Rudson’s campaign, go to The fundraiser continues until the end of November.

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