Krisandra Walkus (Left) was the founder of Grassroots Kind Hearts. Photo Submitted

Grassroots Kind Hearts founder honoured for helping Campbell River’s homeless

Krisandra Walkus passed away surrounded by family on Wednesday morning

Grassroots Kind Hearts Society founder Krisandra Walkus passed away on Oct. 26, after a battle with illness.

At just after 1 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Walkus passed away surrounded by family.

Walkus started the Grassroots Kind Hearts society after seeing a person who was homeless and taking food to him and others in the community no matter the weather. Those early acts of compassion led her to start the society and begin serving daily dinners at a facility behind the downtown Campbell River fire hall.

In 2020, that facility was sold, causing Walkus to pivot and find a new location.

“When I originally started doing this it was six years ago in November or October. It was crazy because we were in knee-high snow and everything was outside. We kept it going and kept it going. We’ve got a great board and staff,” she told the Mirror at the time. “I think that people are more willing to help now because we’ve been here for so much longer than everybody thought… The Campbell River community has been awesome with the support.”

The society found a new home at the Hama?Elas community kitchen, where volunteers have served meals to those who need them ever since.

“She was amazing and what she did for the most vulnerable in this community was incredible. I greatly admired her,” local health activist Lois Jarvis told the Mirror in an email.

Walkus was named the 2017 Woman of Inspiration by the Campbell River Women’s Centre, she also received a Local Hero award in 2018 for the Diversity and Inclusion category.

Over 60 people came to Hama?Elas Community Kitchen on Oct. 26 to pay their respects to Walkus.

“We are all grateful for the movement she started to feed family and friends another meal every day,” said a Facebook post on Hama?Elas’ page.

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