Comox Valley police chase ends with truck flipping in intersection

Comox Valley RCMP cruiser

Comox Valley RCMP were involved in a vehicle chase Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 5), which resulted in the vehicle flipping at the Crown Isle Blvd. traffic circle, just north of Costco.

“We saw one cop car go by, then anotheer cop car go by, then another one, so we went outside just in time to see a truck flipping through the intersection,” said Galaxy Motors sales manager, Ashton Clayton.

“I guess he got to the dead end then tried to come back this way when he saw the cops. He came down at probably 100-120 (km/h) and tried to take a 90-degree corner and flipped immediately.

“The (police) had the guns pulled, they had the dog ready. I could see the (driver’s) arm hanging out (of the vehicle), couldn’t tell if he was conscious or not.”

Reports suggest the vehicle was stolen.

The Record has reached out to the RCMP for comment.

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