Lucas Gentina needed about 90 minutes to swim 3.7 kilometres across the Saanich Inlet from Mill Bay to North Saanich as part of a fundraising effort for seniors living in the long-term unit of Saanich Peninsula Hospital, where he works as a rehabilitation assistant. (Courtesy Robert Borthwick)

‘Aquaman’ crosses Saanich Inlet

Lucas Gentina is raising money for the Saanich Peninsula Hospital

Lucas Gentina, a rehabilitation assistant for seniors at the long-term unit of the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, entered the waters of the Saanich Inlet in Mill Bay Sunday morning. He stepped out of them with a broad, infectious grin some 90 minutes later in North Saanich’s Deep Cove neighbourhood at the beach near the intersection of Madrona Drive and Wain Road, all part and parcel of a campaign to raise funds for wheelchairs to help seniors at the hospital.

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