GERDING: Forest industry facing tough times

Upcoming protests seeks change in how B.C.’s forests are harvested

  • Sep 18, 2020

QUINN’S QUIPS: Time to talk formally about Hole in the Wall

Safety concerns have brought Port Alberni attraction back in the spotlight

Column: No reason to not have life-jackets on board

The bottom line when it comes to life-jackets or PFDs is that they save lives

  • Sep 11, 2020

Ryan’s Regards: Pack your mask and hit the road

A Yukon summer vacation was filled with fun times and social distancing measures

Mitchell’s Musings: Unmasking a new social phenomenon

Remember when anyone wearing a mask at a bank was actually the bad guy?

  • Sep 9, 2020

OPINION: Labour Day exists for a reason, and it should be celebrated

Labour Day is a way to remember and recognize all of the admirable folk who fought for worker rights

Review of health early-warning system welcome, Tam says
Sticking to COVID-19 rules everywhere key to keeping schools safe: Tam
VIDEO: Police use tear gas to subdue Saanich Woman
Victoria News Update

COLUMN: International politics gets in the way of a good night’s sleep

Survey suggests one in four British Columbians is awake at night because of U.S. politics

COLUMN: Blooming patio culture a silver lining to COVID

Locals coming downtown to try patio life, leading to a new energy and vibrancy in the capital

  • Sep 1, 2020

QUINN: What makes a building historically significant?

There’s a difference between heritage designation and a heritage register

Mitchell’s Musings: I don’t think I understand 2020

Too many questions sparked by COVID-19 amidst a heat wave for this columnist

  • Aug 25, 2020

Sarah Simpson Column: U-pick a family favourite adventure

The other weekend my son insisted he join me in running out…

BOOMER TALK: Bureaucracy can be bad for your health

More care needed for seniors and more support for care aids

Sarah Simpson: The joys of jumping in to rescue migrating toads

The street was speckled with little black dots — each representing a Western Toad

OPINION: Pushing for the gold star might not give you what you think

Purusing the prefect GPA is no guarantee of success in life

  • Aug 7, 2020

Mitchell’s Musings: On the cutting edge of razor technology

Not to cut too fine a point, but why do men spend so much on a close shave?

  • Aug 6, 2020

Reforming the PST can be a powerful tool to get people, businesses back to work long-term

Stronger tomorrow plan offers blueprint for job-rich recovery, says Jeff Zweig and Greg D’Avignon

  • Aug 5, 2020

QUINN’S QUIPS: Alberni man discovers a mystery in a rock face

Fred Thompson said ‘face’ revealed in rock after area was logged has to be man made

The Editor’s Desk: Coping with COVID quiz

How well are you dealing with the pandemic? Take this quiz and find out!

Sarah Simpson Column: New fan beats the heat and catches the children

Unexpected consequence of heat wave on a whole other frequency

OPINION: Social media spreads misinformation like fungus

Memes have become substitute for genuine wit, zingers for truth

  • Jul 28, 2020